VEGA AUTOMATION (2000) CO., LTD. is a supplier of environmentally friendly, high quality and high technology equipment for automation systems. Our engineering team offers consulting service for energy efficiency improvement in various applications. We work closely with the customers as if we are in partnership with them. Besides, we coordinate between other suppliers and our customers as a co-trader. We take care to inform the customers of any issues that can be beneficial or useful to them to make a win-win situation. In addition, we try to promote energy conservation project including technical seminars for enhancement on machinery efficiency, together with the correct usage of measuring instruments and etc. VEGA started supporting from Electronics and Semi-conductors and expanding to Automotive and Food Industries by now. We emphasize on high quality products in energy conservation. We have been an officially authorized distributor in Thailand for Nissei GTR Gear Motor, Unipulse Digital Indicator, Asahi Power Roller, NGK Oxygen Analyzer, SMC the best pneumatics equipment, Fluke The most trusted tools in the world, the dealer for Sinfonia (Shinko) Electric Clutch/Brake, Vibratory equipment/Part Feeders, Mitsubishi Inverter & Air Conditioner, Sharp Solar cell, Testo Instrument, LIGHTHOUSE Particle Counter & Environment System, L&E Lighting & Equipment, CRC Lubricant Oil, PB Swiss quality tools, Tone professional tools and support for Oriental Motor that all products are the worldwide high quality products. The empire of smile service and global better factory automation products due to closely support with sincerity and service-mind teamwork to quickly support as well as kind cooperation and services are the most important policy of our company. Now expand to our Project Design and Develop Dept to support the technical knowledge, the special assembly parts and project by our professional engineering team. VEGA will continually make an effort to offer high quality products and good services to our customers even better.

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